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Workforce Management Training Program

Do you receive too many calls for the number of agents? Follow our WFM trainings to optimize the day-to-day management of your contact center.

Courses offered in this Program

Workforce Management: Best Practices

Workforce management and planification are two of the most important functions in a customer contact center.

Learn how to efficiently schedule the right amount of resources for an optimal and fonctionnal contact center. Identify your key performance indicators and the real benefits of mesuring your results.

Conceptualizing Shift Patterns for your Contact Center

Prepare your own schedules with the help of Microsoft Excel and plan the proper amount of resources for any given moment. Create your call forecasts with the intentions of attaining your service level goals.

This training session is suggested for contact centers who do not possess a Workforce Management tool and have limited resources.

Strategic Planning for Multi-Skill Agents

In this course, we will analyse the various trends in your contact center, create a long-term workforce planification, forecast your contact volumes and turnover rates using an excel workbook file, developed by i3vision.

Learn how to update your strategic planning while incorporating skill-based routing. You will leave with a customized file, containing the data from your contact center, allowing you to use it year after year.

Reasons to choose Workforce Management Training Program

This program will help your Workforce Management team reach your service objectives, assign the right number of resources at the right time and carry out long-term, short-term and real-time planning accurately and efficiently. Certain sessions also provide the opportunity to draw up custom files based on your inputs.

More for less

Our trainings are available in both English and French. A certification is included in each training program upon participants successfully completing an exam. It is the opportunity to highlight the excellence of their work and value their efforts.

Approved Training Organization

i3vision is a Training Organization approved by the Labor Market Partners commission for the purposes of applying the law to promote the development and recognition of labor skills. This means that i3vision, who specializes in customer contact center solutions is eligible for the 1% law.


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