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Supervisors Training Program

Your supervisors are the primary point of contact for your agents. Do they have the right tools to support them and help them develop within their careers?

Courses offered in this Program

Building Trust between the Supervisor and the Agent

Discover how to establish a relationship of trust with your team. Learn the basics of leadership with the tasks and challenges related to being a Supervisor. Avoid common errors when in the role and learn the proper tools to lead your team to achieve your objectives.

Manager & Coach: The Duality of a Supervisor

Understand the differences between management and coaching. Discover the importance of using the right tools for each role and apply them through practical use. Learn how to effectively coach your team to motivate your agents and develop their skills.

Four Management Styles of a Supervisor

Learn to recognize the capacities, motivation, and personalities of each member of your team in order to adapt your management style. Adopt a relevant style of leadership according to each specific interaction. Use management criterias that best suits the situation.

Reasons to choose Agents Training Program

Through our training sessions, your supervisors will learn to create trust relationships with customers and use techniques to support their employees and help them progress in their careers. Participants will acquire new management styles and discover how to integrate them into their day-to-day tasks.

More for less

Our trainings are available in both English and French. A certification is included in each training program upon participants successfully completing an exam. It is the opportunity to highlight the excellence of their work and value their efforts.

Approved Training Organization

i3vision is a Training Organization approved by the Labor Market Partners commission for the purposes of applying the law to promote the development and recognition of labor skills. This means that i3vision, who specializes in customer contact center solutions is eligible for the 1% law.


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