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Sales Training Program

Having trouble reaching your sales targets? Let us help you attain them with our solutions and certified techniques.

Courses offered in this Program

How to Analyse the Customer Need

Do you know how to distinguish different customer types? Learn how to recognize the customer you are speaking with among six standard profiles and use the right words. Use questioning techniques to determine and understand the customer’s needs.

Convince the Customer and Avoid Objection

Capitalize on your knowledge of the customer to propose a winning solution. Experiment with our technique to counter customer objections and highlight the benefits of the product or service. Learn how to retain sales by maximizing customer satisfaction.

Reasons to choose Sales Training Program

The Sales program will provide your agents with access to leading sales techniques to suggest adapted products to customers and maximize their satisfaction.

More for less

Our trainings are available in both English and French. A certification is included in each training program upon participants successfully completing an exam. It is the opportunity to highlight the excellence of their work and value their efforts.

Approved Training Organization

i3vision is a Training Organization approved by the Labor Market Partners commission for the purposes of applying the law to promote the development and recognition of labor skills. This means that i3vision, who specializes in customer contact center solutions is eligible for the 1% law.


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