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Specialized Training for Contact Centers

i3vision’s approach aims to maximize your employees’ potential and provide tools to your team members so they can evolve. The variety of our training programs makes it possible to reach every type of resources within your company.


Contact center agents are the voice of your business. Give them tools to enhance their performance, provide excellent service and increase customer loyalty.

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Having trouble reaching your sales targets? Let us help you attain them with our solutions and certified techniques.

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Your supervisors are the primary point of contact for your agents. Do they have the right tools to support them and help them develop within their careers?

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Quality Management

A solid quality assurance program, objective quality forms and effective coaching methods are the keys to a contact center’s success.

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Workforce Management

Do you receive too many calls for the number of agents? Follow our WFM training to optimize the day-to-day management of your contact center.

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Our team will help you make the most of your workforce optimization tools and maximize your contact center performance.

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i3vision Customized Approach

To optimize learning and the transfer of knowledge, i3vision has adopted the training through action method. This practice encourages the involvement of participants and allows for the knowledge to be generalized to different situations, and this in a fun learning environment.


All training programs may qualify for certification upon successful completion of an examination. This is an opportunity to highlight the excellence of the work and to enhance the efforts of the participants.

Approved Training Organization

i3vision is a Training Organization approved by the Labor Market Partners commission for the purposes of applying the law to promote the development and recognition of labor skills. This means that i3vision, who specializes in customer contact center solutions is eligible for the 1% law.


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