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Analytics & Chill?

Discover in this anecdotal article, the intimate correlation between the functionalities of analytics and how it could be useful in the day-to-day reality of our Team Leader WFO .

So lately I have been binge watching “The Flash” on Netflix. By binge watching, I mean 4 seasons in about 2 weeks so far. I’m cramming as much time of the series as I humanly can in finding out how our team of heroes from Central City can outsmart this season’s bad guy.

4 seasons, 20 plus episodes per season, I work, I have a young family, I play softball twice a week, I am on the governing board and the Parents Committee for my kids’ school…When do I sleep? … but I do!

Analytics on a daily basis

I sometimes wish I could run analytics on my life, just to see what the problems may be. I still manage to get my work done. In fact, according to the utility we use to track our hours, I am on par or have submitted more hours in the last two weeks than any other two weeks intervals than the last few months.

I have had time to spend with my family, cooking, playing, homework, decorating for Halloween, (watching the Flash on Netflix), and they haven’t complained about my absence. One out of the two softball teams I play on is undefeated. Hey, can’t win them all… Sleep? Not feeling tired. So how?

Humans are amazing beings! We can do a lot of things. Wasn’t multitasking a buzzword not too long ago? When we put our mind to something, or somethings, we can accomplish it. With the right tools, anything is possible. Netflix has no commercials, so the 1-hour show, gets cut down to less than 40 minutes. This allows me to cram more shows in one day. Also, my family seems to like the show, so that’s one out of many activities we get to do together. MULTITASKING! We also had a long weekend recently, and so we binge watched a lot of it then too, so there’s a little more of the time I have been looking for.

I can probably sit here and try to relive the past 2 weeks to figure out how I found all that time to cram in almost 4 complete seasons, but my memory isn’t good enough to relive every second of every day. Maybe I could go back in time, but that would cause a problem and create a Flashpoint (season 3…). How does this relate to Contact Centers my boss is probably wondering as she reads this?

Analytics: An Essential Tool for Customer Contact Centers

Well, if I had some sort of Human Analytics running, I would be able to pinpoint exactly how I watched so many episodes in the past two weeks. I would be able to use the data I provided to understand every millisecond of my life. Imagine that? How much better would life be if I could figure out ways to improve the way I used my time (to watch more Flash?)!!! We don’t have that technology…yet. We are slowly getting there. The smart watch on my wrist is telling me I should stand up and do some physical activity.

BUT… We do have tools that can help us with our work. Analytics can help us pinpoint every millisecond of your contact centers daily life. It can tell you who called, why they called, how often they called, etc. It can tell you if they were canceling services, talking about your competitors, what they were buying, and if they weren’t buying, why not? Imagine your contact center getting 1000s of calls per day. With the proper tools, you would be able to find key words or phrases in a flash. You would know what’s working, and what wasn’t in the blink of an eye.

No more exhaustive searches. No more wasting time listening to call after call. No more surveying your workforce to find out if a specific product or marketing strategy is working. Just key in what you’re looking for, and voila…in a flash.

So, wanna Analytics and Chill?

Carlo Rossi, WFO Team Lead